After each lottery, the original list will be posted here. The list WILL NOT be updated throughout the camping period.


Camping will begin Friday, February 24th @ 6am.


Mandatory Suspension: Saturday, February 25th @ 11am. Camping will resume Sunday, February 26th @ 8am.


KU vs. Oklahoma (February 27th@ 8:00pm)


Please remain at the Fieldhouse until numbers are handed out.

1 Tyler Plays With HimSelf
2 Elijah’s Prophets
3 Jackson our vicks off
5 Stop Mitching
6 Neil’s Atomic Fireballs
7 Buike Bears
8 Josh Jackson Doesn’t Like Handjobs
9 tyler aint no son of a mitch
10 Devonte All on his Mouth like Liquor
11 Bills booty calls
12 Don’t Bragg about your Vick pic
13 Elijah’s Johnson
14 Svi So Horny
15 Frankly We’re Selfish
16 Tyler Self’s Microvick
17 Self’s Vick Pic: Svi of Charge
18 suck my hawk
19 Bitch, I’m Frank Mason
20 Vanged So Hard We Phogged Up the Fieldhouse
21 we miss udoka
22 Branen steals Green
23 Where’s Perry
24 Brennan Bechard for Vice President
25 mitches bitches
26 Frank Mason is Jesus
27 The Graham Crackers
28 Svi Sells Svi Shells by the Svishore
29 yell here for anal
30 We Want Tyler
31 Jerrance Smoked A Graham
32 Hepatitis Svi
33 Childish Grahambino
34 We Need More Mitch in this Bitch
35 Svi are the champions
36 My net my back
37 Mom’s Svighetti
38 I Svi a VICKtory in our Future
39 Let’s be frank, svi gonna win
40 Tucker In And Vang Her
41 Dwight Coleby: Assistant to the Regional Manager
42 Where There’s A Bill There’s A Way
43 Send Vick Pics
44 We’re so graham good
45 my net my back 2
46 Blake Nation