After each lottery, the original list will be posted here. The list WILL NOT be updated throughout the camping period.


Camping will begin Friday, February 23rd at 6am


KU vs. Texas (February 26th @ 8:00 PM)


Please remain at the Fieldhouse until numbers are handed out.

1 Vick and Balls
2 I’m a little Teahan, short and stout
3 Mitch Better Have My Money
4 Svi nut butter and jelly
5 Now You Svi Us Now Udok
6 Suck My Hawk
7 Oswald Room 349
8 Bill Self for President
9 Devonte loves 4play
10 T’d up for T-bags
11 Svi are the champions
12 Young wild and svi
13 Udokazubrokeher
14 Graham Central Station
15 We need more mitch in this bitch
16 Going once, going twice, crossing them off
17 Dok fiends
18 Okie dokie smoke the tokie
19 Elijah’s Prophets
20 Bill Self is daddy
21 Ah svi svi god damn
22 Hill yeah
23 Bill Self’s Disciples
24 What the Phog?
25 Son of a Mitch
26 Mom’s Svighetti
27 Mali(c)k my Vick
28 Netflix and Bill
29 Mitch and Sam’s Love Child
30 Mitches bitches
31 Bosnia sucks vick
32 Young Dumb & Doke
33 Unsolicited Vick Pic
34 Welcome to Lawrence Bitch
35 24-21
36 I Want to Svi Your Vick
37 The Graham Crackers
38 Bill-t for 14 straight
39 Still Fuck Trae Young
40 Neil’s Atomic Fireballs
41 Treat Yo Bill Self
42 Mykhailiuk I am your Father
43 Homeless Frat Boys
44 Geology Grads
45 Vick Game S’krong