Official Rules:




  • Lottery is always held the morning following the last home game.
  • If the lottery day occurs on a weekday, lottery begins and doors lock at 6:00 am sharp.
  • If the lottery day occurs on a weekend, lottery begins and doors lock at 8:00 am sharp.
  • The official clock for both lottery and roll call is the big clock in the gym.
  • All persons wishing to participate in lottery must be present at the beginning of lottery; late comers will not be allowed into the building. If anyone is caught sneaking in, the group will forfeit its draws.


  • Lottery will be held in the North end of Allen Fieldhouse when permitted by KU Athletics.
  • In the event that the Fieldhouse is unavailable, lottery will be held in the South end of the parking garage (if not indicated otherwise by the Camping Leadership team)


  • Lottery sign in will take place 1 hour prior to the lottery (i.e. 5am weekdays, 7am weekends) online via
  • Each camping group receives one draw of a number for every 5 campers present at the start of lottery.
  • The minimum for a draw is 5 people, and any group that doesn’t have 5 people present at the start of lottery is placed at the bottom of the list after the lottery. In the event that there is more than 1 group with less than 5 people at the lottery, a separate lottery is held to determine their order at the bottom of the list.
  • Each camping group is limited to 6 total draws each lottery, because camping groups may have a maximum of 30 people.
  • Cheating in the lottery will result in the camping group being sent to the bottom of the list.



Roll call may be done at ANYTIME during camping hours by ANYONE in ANY group. The procedure for roll call is as follows:


Camping, except for in the case of a suspension, takes place 6am-10pm Monday – Friday and 8am-10pm Saturday – Sunday

How to Call Roll

  1. Announce the roll call out loud to everyone, likely with a yell
  2. It is strongly suggested that the roll caller brings all campers up to the doors for the roll call
  3. Check both the men’s and women’s restrooms for campers BEFORE calling roll
  4. Wake up any sleeping campers and any other campers not coming to roll call
  5. Begin at the top of the roll call sheet and call out the camping group names loud and clear
  6. If a group is not present at roll please follow the “Crossing A Group Off” procedure below

Crossing A Group Off

  1. Double check that the group is not present; call a group name at least twice before considering them not present
  2. Cross the name of the group off the list with a single line
  3. Write the time and date when the roll call was taken in the column provided
  4. Write your name and your camping group’s initials next to the crossed off group in the column provided

General Notes

  • Make sure that the group is not present before you cross them off
  • Please write clearly and cleanly on the Roll Call sheet, in case of any disputes
  • The purpose of Roll Call is to allow the groups the opportunity to advance up the list. This method is not effective if campers vote a crossed off group back onto the list without a reasonable excuse
  • Important: A group is considered late to roll if when its group name is called no members are present in the Fieldhouse
  • Cheating will result in a camping group being sent to the bottom of the list (i.e. crossing groups off without calling roll)


  • Occasionally, there are times when disputes occur either due to roll call or other issues. All disputes are handled by the current campers at the time of the dispute
  • If a group was crossed off the roll call sheet, they may petition the action by immediately taking a majority vote of the present campers (one per group) on the issue. This vote is the final decision on the issue, and the complainant must obtain a majority (50%) vote on the issue in order for it to be resolved
  • Any petition to be put back on the camping list must be submitted within one hour of the group being crossed off
    • In case of a group being crossed off at the last roll call of the day (suspending roll call), they may petition at the first roll call the following morning and no later.

Taking a Vote

On occasion a vote is required by the present campers on various issues. The procedure for performing a vote is as follows.

  • Bring all present campers up to the door where roll call is being performed
  • Thoroughly explain the issues that are being voted on and why
  • Starting at the top of the list call each group’s name out, and the group should respond with their single vote. You may check for a unanimous vote prior to this
  • Keep a tally of each group’s single vote as the voting is being performed (on another sheet of paper, using additional people)
  • A unanimous vote means that no single group has objected to the issue
  • A majority vote is defined as any vote greater than 50%
  • Again it is stressed that each group gets only one vote.


Due to various issues, it may be necessary to suspend camping for certain periods of time. There are two types of suspensions that generally occur during camping, mandatory and non-mandatory. On occasion, groups will be given the opportunity at  or prior to lottery to postpone the beginning of camping for a particular game. This is a privilege; the camping leadership team ultimately has the final say on when camping is to begin.

  • If a non-mandatory suspension is called, camping can only be suspended for the rest of the day. Camping will resume the beginning of valid camping hours the following morning.
  • A non-mandatory suspension cannot be called on gameday.
  • The last day that camping occurs before gameday, a non-mandatory suspension cannot be called before 8pm.
  • Mandatory suspensions will be announced at lottery or when information is available, and include, but are not limited to the following situations:
    • Request from the Athletic Department or Allen Fieldhouse Facilities
    • When Allen Fieldhouse is closed, ex. holidays
    • When extreme weather closes campus
    • Camping will always be suspended 3 hours before a home women’s basketball game
    • Camping will always be suspended 2 hours before an away men’s basketball game
  • Non-mandatory suspensions that are known in advance and can be voted on at lottery, passing with a majority vote. All other suspensions must be voted on by the current campers, passing with a unanimous vote. Example non-mandatory situations include, but are not limited to the following:
    • KU Football Games
    • Lack of Camping Groups
    • Championship KU games
    • Super Bowl
    • Other weather related suspensions as determined by the Camping Leadership or majority vote at Allen Fieldhouse
  • During suspensions, new groups are allowed to sign up their group on the roll call sheet, however no roll calls will be made until camping has resumed. When camping is suspended, the start date/time, reason, and resume date/time will be listed on the roll call sheet
  • Request for suspensions immediately following lottery should be made to by no later than 12:00am the day of lottery



If there are any questions regarding the rules, please contact us.