KU Basketball Camping Procedure

Step 1: Find a group

Groups can be 5-30 people.


Step 2: Make a camping schedule

Camping occurs between 6a – 10p Monday – Friday; 8a-10p Saturday – Sunday. Groups are encouraged to plan out their camping shifts as camping can start as soon as immediately following lottery.


Step 3: Sign your group in for lottery

A lottery sign in form goes live on our website one hour prior to the start of lottery (5a on weekdays, 7a on weekends). On the lottery sign in form, group leaders are asked to indicate when they would like camping to begin. If only a single time is given as an option, that is the time that camping is to begin. Any time multiple options are given, it can be assumed that camping will not start the same day as lottery and the official time camping is to begin will be announced via Twitter and this website.


Step 4: Show up to lottery

Each group is allowed to draw one number out of a bag for every 5 people present at lottery. A group can have a maximum of 6 draws (6 draws x 5 people = 30 people at lottery).


Step 5: Camp

Camping occurs during official camping hours unless suspended (see the Official Rules for more details on suspensions). Anyone from Any group can call roll at Any time.


Step 6: Gameday

A “Final Roll” will be called by members of KU Facilities 4 hours prior to tipoff. At that time numbers will be handed out to groups based on their current placement on the camping list. Student doors open 2 hours prior to tipoff, at that time students enter in numbered order. Each number is good for 30 people to enter Allen Fieldhouse.