Student Entrance Procedure Change

First off, the Camping Leadership Team would like to personally apologize for the unfortunate incidents which occurred prior to the Baylor game on February 1, 2017. Decisions were made external to the Leadership Team by members of KU Athletics without our knowledge due to immediate logistical demands placed on them, resulting in frustration and confusion for all involved.


In an attempt to ensure that such complications do not occur in the future, some changes to camping procedures are being implemented and will go into effect immediately:


The original cap for students entering Allen Fieldhouse in each group has been increased from 15 to 30.  Athletics, Facilities and the Camping Leadership Team STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that all 30 persons within a group be present when the doors open, this is being done to try to eliminate the need to save seats altogether.


Moving forward, the Leadership Team asks that all complaints be registered in writing via the contact form of this website, detailing both the situation (time, location, section, persons involved, etc.), as well as the circumstances that lead to the problem.


Again, the Camping Leadership Team and members of Leadership in KU Athletics humbly apologize for any issues experienced the night of February 1. Moving forward, we’re committed to improving the camping and game experiences with better communication and procedures.